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Hi and welcome to my little corner of the web, just doing my part to help make it interesting. I am completely revamping the entire site design for a more interactive eye pleasing design..I hope! If you sat rhough the whole intro {I know it's the length of an entire song plus a few extras but I didn't want to cut the song short! and hopefully kept it entertaining :)} Please do let me know what you think by signing my guestbook, this is actually my first attempt in making a decent flash intro!

I couldn't have done it in the short 2-3 weeks from basically knowing nothing about how to use flash or after effects without the help of Andrew Kramer's awesome tutorials over at one of the most impressive and helpful sites I've come accross to date! One of these days when I'm rich...hahaha...I'll be sure to donate to the cause! If he happens to find this down the road I'd like to take the opportunity to say thank you for creating such a cool site, I could never get bored there!

I never get to update this as much as I'd like but going to try and set a day each week to have something new. Browse around leave me feeedback if ya like. I'm moving north for a new job here shortly so I'm not sure what I can update in the near future but all I can say is I'll try. Thanks and have fun! ~~~Mike

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