Use this area to organize meets and so forth so we can get together go on cruises, hang out and check out the cars, BBQs, etc.


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First and foremost :thanlyou: FOR VISITING!!! and :welcome:.

Every house has to be built and it starts with nothing but after hours of hard work and people working together it becomes something that some will come to call their home. People like to feel like they belong somewhere and I'd like for that feeling to be felt here. Every forum starts from an idea, then a theme, a first topic, and a first post in that topic and then hopefully grows from there, some that are shared between friends that then tell their friends, and their friends tell their friends grow even faster. They can become something truly magnificent and entertaining :popcorn: with a wealth of knowledge and friendship that rivals few things on this planet :rock:. That's what I would like to ask your help with, help me make something fun and exciting with this board by telling the people you know about it. I used to post a bunch on a forum called "got-z.com" I made a ton of good friends, went to meets and such, and learned a great deal while I was at it. Sadly it is no longer in existence due to a crumbling of trust within the administration and that of it's users. The point is I can make the best board out there but without users it's no better than the one that doesn't work at all. So I need your help to make this board better. Bring content to the board, without you (the users) doing your part by posting and interacting this board serves no purpose in being here.

If you are good with phpbb and would like to help out with board design and even more content and functionality by all means get in contact with me and let me know!! Right now it's just me and I have no help with this so everything has to be done in my spare time so changes are sometimes a bit sluggish :snail: but I will get to it when I am able. Be patient I'm still learning new things everyday, still getting suggestions on how to do this or that better or sometimes I'll get something like "I dunno...try this and see what happens" :thikning:. I've devoted a lot of time and effort to get what you see already but it can always get even better :thumb:.

In the meantime I'll be diligently working away to make your experience here better and better :user:. Thank you for reading this and have fun on the site! :coolsmoke:
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